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  1. Hi folks - just thought that I would reply that the new version has not fixed the issue on my end. I am still having the exact same issues as in my previous posts on this machine Not sure what could be causing it!
  2. HI - I am checking ALL the boxes in debug mode from the get-go. Also, It does crash on debug mode as well. I will try checking one debug mode at a time, although I don't think it will make any difference as it seems to be crashing before debug mode has a chance to do anything, so to speak.
  3. Hi all, Long time user, first time poster. I was recently updating Speccy on my brother's old desktop and now every time I start it, Speccy crashes with a Runtime Error. The computer stats are as follows: WinXP Professional w/Service Pack 3, 1.8ghz AMD AthlonXP 2800+ processor, 1.5gbs RAM I've tried debug mode, and the following is all I see in the Debug text log file (as in that's it, that is the only line, nothing else!), there are no .dmp files in the Speccy directory: "[2012-02-20 09:46:34] [iNFO ] CPU SDK at: C:\DOCUME~1\Kristan\LOCALS~1\Temp speccycpuid.dll" The program starts normally and then within a few seconds, crashes with the runtime error. It has always worked flawlessly before (although it was doing this a bit with the last version of Speccy, but very rarely and it usually worked). If I watch it as it tries to start, everything says "Analyzing" and the only info that appears normally is for the "Optical Drives" and "Audio" before it crashes with the runtime error - everything else still says Analyzing at the time it crashes. Thoughts? I am at a loss and I find Speccy to be a wonderful piece of software and very handy! Thanks for all the hard work you folks do! Just hoping I can get it working again Speccy_log1_15_30920-2-2012_9-49.txt
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