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  1. Cancel That! OH Brother...after more review I found it. You just add extension from Google Webstore like the other Browsers. Mission Accomplished. THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!! mrt
  2. Loving the new Browser except how can i send link or web page by email?????? All other browsers this can be done. Edge Chromium, FireFox, and Google Chrome there is an extension you can download which adds this function. PLEASE add this function to the ccleaner browser. I hope this can be done because I am continually sending web page links to Family and Friends. PLEASE REVIEW/RESPOND. Thanks, Michael
  3. Topic should read: OK TO DO EVERYTIME? I tried to edit the topic title, but no success. Best, Michael
  4. Hi, Is it ok, or does it hurt anything to always run ccleaner in Secure File Deletion (35 passes) mode? Not a computer tech here at all but I like to keep my pute very clean. Any and all answers would be appreciated. Best, Michael
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