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  1. Anyone getting 3rd party filter update issues with

    Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit) and uBlock Origin  v1.18.12 ?

    (Could it be that Manifest v3 is getting started ?)


    FireFox Quantum 66.0.2(64-bit) seems to work fine :mellow:

  2. Hello to all,

    Steven Black host file contains Dan Pollocks (someonewhocares.org) entries as well.

    See here under section   Sources of hosts data unified in this variant


    I am starting to use the following as well


    Link to what grm, exp, emd, psh mean


    Another host file list, I think i have not posted ?

  3. On 2018/08/25 at 00:07, mta said:
    Try the SFC /scannow command first from an elevated command prompt.
    If that doesn't work,
    • go into regedit
    • go to this key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} and delete the entries for UpperLimits and LowerLimits
    • exit
    • reboot
    When you restart the CD drive should be available - if not a repair install of the OS may be needed.


    Just a FYI mta,   running just SFC /scannow in Windows 10 could cause more problems than fix issues.

    According to MS this is how one should use SFC /scannow in Windows 10.

  4. 21 hours ago, Andavari said:

    That URLs own malware blocking one is relatively large.

    I noted that as well.

    Lets say one combines all the entries into one list and 50% is duplicates.

    The amount of unique entries will still be one massive amount and the lists will just keep on growing day by day....

  5. 1 hour ago, Andavari said:

    The CoinBlocker one I've been using in uBlock Origin is this:

    That is the old link the new link is,


    your link will still work but don’t provide the last-modified header.

  6. Hello all,

    Something that I read here with regards to Pi-hole and is also, I think, applicable to uBlock Origin.


    When hosting stuff like blocklists on GitHub, please make sure you do not use raw.githubusercontent.com links. Since these links don’t provide the last-modified header, they will get re-downloaded every single time pihole -g is run (or each week automatically) even if there are no new changes. That’s a waste of time and bandwidth

    I tried NOT using the raw.githubusercontent.com links that I have posted a while back and insted use


    within my uBlock Origin AND my Pi-hole and all seems to work "better?" responce time is faster.


    Side note: The link provided host one MASSIVE blocking list broken up in couple of files and whitelist file.

  7. 3 hours ago, ROCKNROLL said:

    Yes, but then it would only be specific to that browser and not system wide. If you want a system wide tool, I seen that hostman received some big updates last year and is now a much better tool.

    System wide ? You mean the actual host file ?

    You will not get around with the host file getting MASSIVE at one point in time.

    That why I installed a Pi running Pi-Hole with the following subscription for Network wide protection and not just device specific


    It updates by itself and it's install and forget :)

    At time of writhing, Pi-Hole (with the above subscriptions) is blocking 126 139 Domains vs  93 933 network filters + 43 961 cosmetic from uBlock Origin.


    I also run uBlock Origin in conjunction with the Pi for when if I go off my Network wih my laptop.

    The only sad thing that I noted is that uBlock Origin can only accommodate 7 subscriptions under the Custom section where by the Pi-hole seems to be a lot more.

  8. Emailed the developers and asked them how well Pi-hole and browser based ad blockers work.

    This was their response


    Browser based ad blockers usually complement Pi-hole by removing empty ad spaces and blocking some of the harder to block ads (from a DNS perspective) such as YouTube video ads.

    So in the end one would still need a browser based ad blocker...

  9. I decided to try out the Pi-hole project.

    Just to see what all the fuzz is about and how it works and got a Pi in the closet that does nothing.


    Have to say, it's impressive.
    What Pi-hole does is it blocks all ads, malware, cryptocurrency mining on a network level, not per device with no added ad-ons on the device. Being it a tablet, cellphone or your fridge :) where one browse the internet.

    The interface is extremely use friendly, the stats it provide is handy and clear. Quite shocking at times as well.

    Here are some of my stats.  The red block is entries of the 3rd party lists that I have added just to cover more basses. The rest are standard entries provided by the developers.


    Note: that this is only for about 5 hours give or take of stats and not consecutive browsing.


    As can see there was 4 clients that made 4,946 DNS requites out of that 1,224 was blocked or Pi-holed as they state it, out of a list of 109,935 blockable entries.

    To think how big the internet is and we only know of about 109,935 bad/no go domains. (at time if writhing)


    The only small drawback that I see is that this will only help on your network, and once the device is off your network and onto others network you are back at square one with the ads and so on.

    Over all I can see this;

    Providing stats of who is browsing what sites (even gave me the stats of my phone applications DNS requests )
    Helping parents blocking snooping kids....
    Keeping your browsing save and clean ON ALL devices on your network.

  10. Hey and welcome to the forum.

    The following two entries you have nothing to be concern about
    Windows Explorer - Thumbnail Cache
    System - Windows Log Files

    They are normal, day to day entries that are created by your system on a regular basis.

    For the other two, I just noted on my system, some software uses IE as the default Browser even though IE is not set as your default browser.

  11. 55 minutes ago, Andavari said:

    Thank you for the update info Hazelnut.

    I always wonder what they've declassified when the Hosts file decreases in size by almost 30kb.

    They take away a LOT of "Fun and games" sites :).

    Wonder if they do not work with a lot of Adblock, uBlock enc subscriptions, not to duplicate the entries

  12. 8 hours ago, SMalik said:

    In my first post, I said that it was not available on the Adobe U.S.A. website. That person could've said that it was in his country in the first place. I hope you aren't justifying his behavior.

    I am not justifying his behavior (mostly his wording, his frustration I can understand), just justifying the fact that there is an Acrobat 2017 version available.

    I am dropping this Acrobat debate now.

    Think I made my point.

  13. 20 hours ago, SMalik said:

    These kinds of people should be immediately banned from this community forum. Thank you very much for taking quick action. You can also check the Adobe U.S.A. website and try to find Adobe Acrobat/Reader 2017. They do not have them listed in the U.S.A.


    Just remember, not EVERYTHING revolve around the "great" U.S.A, there are other contries as well....

    Download Acrobat 2017

    It's within their KB....

  14. 10 hours ago, login123 said:

     Powershadow or Shadow Defender

    You did what was asked, short to the point !!

    Sounds like software that I know of called Deep Freeze. It's a slept to setup correctly but the principle the same: Lock OS and applications down, Reboot and all is gone after a session.

    Okay drifting a bit here, that a massive amount of overkill just to get protected from "ads" :)


    7 hours ago, nukecad said:

    ....how often are you going to hit a scam or clickbait site?

    4 hours ago, Andavari said:

    Misspelling a very popular website address URL and you can wind up with an infected computer if your browser's security and AV solution fails.

    To follow up on Andavaris post

    Just look at all the entries within the Host file and EasyList as a guide and note all the common misspellings of the sites.

    Sothing else to look into and the the amount of traffic they get....



  16. 2 hours ago, mta said:

    same here.

    only use FF with uBlock and MVPS hosts file.

    just keeping it simple, don't let it rule my life, don't believe 'the man' is caring what he listens into from the chatter from my PC, although I know 'he' is there, just doesn't bother me.


    You must watch it calling them 'The man",

    some people may find it offensive:  "The WoMan" :):)  :D


    It not about them listening in, it's more about the frustration of seeing some of this ads online, the fact that it's heavy on data usage and this new Browser mining epidemic that is going around.
    Was hit by a site a while back and darn my girl (my PC) was mad at me....


    Was wondering if  Browese addons and Host file not cause duplicate entries some of the time hmmmm.

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