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    Thank You Anyone else? Plz give more replies! Help ME
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    Help Me! Whenever I log on, Windows Installer pops up, and tells me to instal stuff I already have on my computer, and plus, when I plug in something into my computer such as my webcam, it says it doesnt recognize the driver, and this blue screen comes up, and it says it has encountered and recovered from a fatal error, and i have to restart my computer. Its weird. Plz help. AND does anyone know a good registry cleaner, and spyware cleaner, the more the better, but they need to be all free and i dont have to register. LIKI- PLZZZ HELP
  3. hey, i have a question, everytime i log onto my computer, it says i need to install somethin and when i try to, it says i have an error, so it gets sortof annoying? plz help
  4. thanks, but i dont really get it
  5. It says It can fix my registry issues, but everytime i scan, and clean, I get the same issues, it seems like it'll never end. It never fix's it.
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