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  1. Hello friends, before I forget it: There must be changed something in handling this forum. I tried to answer the last comments and have written a lot. Then I had have a look on an answer of Augeas and when I wanted to to continue my answer this was no more present. And this was the second time. I work with XP home 32 bit. Each drive has 300MB. Sorry, what Augeas has written is not true. I tried all possible possibilities. With a normal scan I get 145 files in most cases. Only with a deep scan I get about 375000 files whereof 125000 were ignored. Now I have marked all files to restore them. At 1st I got the message that this will need 1 day, some later 2 days and an hour later 3 days. In reality the action was ended in about 12 hours. The separate folder which I had created shows that there were copied 408.748 files in 32.633 folders with a size of 236GB. First question ( for me ): There were written that 375000 files are existing but the folder showes 408.748 files!? Second question: Recuva shows 375.000 files, Easeus and others show much more than 500.000 files ( one shows more than 700.000! ). Why such a big difference and where are the files? When have a look on the restored files I miss ( for example ) a very big folder with all of the programs I had, and I had a lot of them! They are not reconstructed!? Have a Merry Christmas and don´t eat and drink so much! Hammurabi
  2. Hello, thank yo for answering but it doesn´t help. I think that the suggestion of Dany is write! But the result isn´t! It shows only 145 files. I did so as Danny has written / Depending upon whether it's actually "restored" any "snapshots", or if it's simply screwed up the boot and partition records, your files may still be there, but windows won't find them because of the possibly corrupted boot and partition information. With that in mind, go into Recuva's "Options\Actions" and check the "Scan for non deleted files" checkbox. Also (if it isn't already) go into "Options\General" and set the "View Mode" to "Tree View". ) before he has written this with the above result: Only with a deep scan ( and this for me is very strange! ) I can get a lot of files, but not all!? I have marked to repair all files on a separate folder on C:\ ( The lost files were on extern K:\ ). When I have a look I see that there are many files and folders are not repaired ( The whole folder of my programs. ). And this seems very strange because other programs like Recuva ( f. e. Stllar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery ) show more than 500000 files and not "only" 375000 as Recuva shows. I suppose that there are the missing files. I don´t know now what I have to do. If I buy an expensive software it´s possible that tis has a bader result than Recuva. On the other hand where are the files Recuva doesn´t show? Kind regards and Merr Christmas to all! Hammurabi
  3. After sending my message yesterday evening I started a new scan. When about an hour was gone there were shown that it will need 10 hours. In the early morning today the window showed 47% und 17 hours. This is shown since about 5 hours and is exactly the result which I had 2 or 3 times before I have witten my first request. I think it´s not possible for the program to work with such big data!? Kind regards Hammurabi
  4. Hello, thank you for your help. The reason of all were the following: I have downloaded a program which is called AyRecovery. They provided that it will be very easy to have a new system after a computer crash. For me it was not easy because after installing the PC always has shown 4 diferent points from this damned program at every start of my PC. I could click where I wanted but the PC always returned to this 4 options. Then i tried to bring the machine to the same form as I have got it with my 2 recovery cd´s. But this wasn´t successful because the 4 options of AyRecovery were shown again. Then I had some e-mail traffic with them and they have written that the mbr section has to be killed ( or like this ). I have another CD with programs created by Paragon. On this there were a function to set the mbr on 0. Inadvertently I made a X for the second drive to kill the mbr. Then the program started with a new mbr, all data on C:\ were killed, but all data on the second drive too. The disk has 300MB and on it there were all my downloaded programs and private files. At first with recuva I started a "normal" scan. This showed only 57 files. Most of them where EULA txt-files and nothing what I could utilize. Then I started a deep scan and after some time of the beginning it showed that this scan will need more than 10 hours. After about 5 hours I clicked on interrupting and Recuva showed me that there were more than 375000 files. More than 125000 of them are ignored. With other programs like Recuva I had results of more than 700000 files!!! This all would be not so tragically if I would have some good features. But I don´t see them at Recuva!? There is no "searching" or "mark all files", mark no file", "mark this screen", "go to the top" or "go to the bottom", search files as "*.exe" or "*.doc" and others like this. It´s not realistic for me to find out the really necessary files for me. I don´t need all files back, but with some different find functions it woud be more helpful. Kind regards Hammurabi
  5. Hello, I had a big crash because of 2 bad programs and i thought Recuva will help. But when I started to work with the program I got shock after shock. 1. I started the normal scan and got 57 files on an extern drive whereon the files are deleted. This files mostly were EULA-texts and not interesting for me. 2. Then I started the feature deep scanning and after a short time there were shown that t needs about 10 hours to reed. After about 5 hours I clicked on the cancel button and there where shown that more than 375000 files are identified ( more than 125000 of this are ignored ). Now I don´t know whether there are shown all files or only the files which were found until I stopped. I suppose that it were only about half of total. But when I let the program run until the end I don´t find a feature to show me all this files. 3. I don´t find features like "Go to start" or "Go to end ( ALT+END )" or "mark all files" ( for reviving ), "mark no file", "mark this page". In this case I have to find out what files are to mark and in worsest case I have to click on 750000 files. This is not realistically and not practicable. Please, can you show me other ways? Kindest regards Hammurabi
  6. Hello experts, by a special program all datas of an extern disk drive were shot. I remembered of the wonderful software Recuva and I´m trying to get the datas back. Yesterday evening I started the program. After about one hour the program has shown that it will need one hour fo the first step. After two hours later there was written that it needs four hours. After four hours there was shown 17 hours and now, 12 hours later the program needs 19 hours. And this is shown since 5 hours!? Can anyone help me and write what happens? Does it work or not? Could I have hope for repairing? Kindest regards Hammurabi
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