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  1. 1) A bit of a big deal. 2) Some. 3) Home.
  2. I'll see what I can do about both options. I am slowly at my wit's end about this....
  3. I don't see the _MachineThrottling on my computer. I am so sorry, it's hard ATM for me to come up with a definitive fix for this. I may have to reconfigure Windows.
  4. Regarding the system restore as well, it gives me the following message: "A volume shadow copy service component encountered an unexpected error. Check the application event log for more info. (0x80042302)"
  5. The above does not work. It says that I do not have sufficient permissions to run it. And I ran the Auslogics thing- doesn't work.
  6. 64-bit. I'll see what I can do about the new account thing. Man, this is quite a quandary here....
  7. I'll try that. But as I said, it may not install as my computer won't let me install ANYTHING there.
  8. I am trying to get my wifi back up, but it won't let me install ANYTHING. It just gives me a message that says it can't install. Yes, nothing came up, but even the anti-virus software won't work due to the connection being cut off. And no, no bluescreens. I'm not getting any error messages.
  9. 1) I don't recall it asking me. 2) Doesn't work. 3) Norton Security Suite. 4) The time it took for my computer to start up was very slow.
  10. I ran the most recent version of CCLeaner, and I use Windows 7. And yes, I think I did run the registry cleaner, IIRC.
  11. Hi. I used CCleaner on one of my computers roughly last week-ish, in an effort to speed up my computer on startup, but what it did was kill my wifi, sound, and I can't install ANYTHING on my computer now. I feel like I have to reinstall Windows again. What can I do? Thank you.
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