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  1. Artificial neuron network wanted Or wiki-like filelist for many drivers and software. For example - some file names from Nvidia international graphics drivers: nvexpbar.dll - bar=strip (toolbar) nvrsar.dll - ar=arabian lang. res. nvrsde.dll - deutsch lang. res. nvrszhc.dll - china1 nvrszht.dll - china2 nvwrsar.dll - arabian nvwrsde.dll nvwrszhc.dll nvwrszht.dll nvcpar.hlp nvcpde.hlp nvcpzhc.hlp nvcpzht.hlp nvwcpar.hlp nvwcpde.hlp nvwcpzhc.hlp
  2. I need only two interface language in many programs, i.e. english (1033, enu, en-us) and russian (1049, rus, ru-ru) resource files (DLL's). I run next cmd file in ccleaner folder for saving only two dlls (lang-1033.dll and lang-1049.dll) @echo off del lang\lang-1025.dll del lang\lang-1026.dll del lang\lang-1027.dll del lang\lang-1028.dll del lang\lang-1029.dll del lang\lang-1030.dll del lang\lang-1031.dll del lang\lang-1032.dll del lang\lang-1034.dll del lang\lang-1035.dll del lang\lang-1036.dll del lang\lang-1037.dll del lang\lang-1038.dll del lang\lang-1040.dll del lang\lang-1041.
  3. I use old shareware "Mars wincleaner 1.71" (2003) for fast cleaning %temp% and other directories in Windows terminal server with 30 users. See attach. Why CCleaner 2011 can't work with all accounts?
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