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  1. EDIT - Nevermind. After all that, I find that it's a known issue with 5.44.6575. Wasted my time again. ==================================== Windows 10 x64, all updates. CCleaner 5.44.6575. The option to keep files less than 24 hours old is disabled. Using right-click menu on Recycle Bin, if I choose "Run CCleaner", the RB is not emptied. If instead I choose "Open CCleaner", then within that click on lower-right button "Run CCleaner", the RB is emptied. ==> Does this happen for other people? Or does the right-click "Run CCleaner" work OK for you?
  2. Well, that's a mess! Now I've got CC Pro on my system and no way to downgrade to the free version! Other than a complete uninstall which looks like it will lose all my carefully derived settings! BAD ADVICE, STEPHEN. And it didn't fix the problem. Even with ccleaner.exe in place, using the Recycle Bin context menu to "Run CCleaner" will not empty the bin. Opening CC and telling it to "Run" works fine. This is with MBAM Anti-Ransomware "off", Win 10 Pro x64.
  3. I see that support for TRIM was added for Samsung etc drives. However, there seems to be no information anywhere about when Defraggler will TRIM, or how to tell it to do so. I've checked the online Help and this forum. --> Anybody know how to make Defraggler TRIM an SSD? Or how to tell that it did so? Thx
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