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  1. Thanks for that, I will monitor that thread. Hopefully a fix will happen soon.
  2. Version 5.11.5408 and the previous version is slow to open in Windows 10. Using an SSD drive also and makes no difference. Very slow to open the first time used after startup. Then it opens much faster once closed and opened again. Why is this? Thanks.
  3. Ah. Thanks for that Nergal. I didnt know about Winapp, doing it now.
  4. No matter what settings I use in Ccleaner, all the recently used and pinned to start menu items retain a history of usage. I cant find a folder to point to for an Advanced option either. I use ClassicShell on all my Win8 computers and if possible, cleaning these things out would be nice. Edit: Sorry I meant to post this in the Suggestions Area.
  5. If you've been using Ccleaner for years, then you know enough by now to uncheck the box to install Chrome or just install the Slim Edition that doesnt have the so called "crapware". Seriously, how hard can it be? Or are you looking for an excuse to Troll? Exactly! Can't we all whine a little bit more please?
  6. Now I feel like a real idiot. Didnt ever see that option. That worked. Thanks.
  7. The folder located in "C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp" It cleans it out just fine on my Non Raid setup but in my new Raid 0 setup, it gets skipped. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but no difference. Am I missing something or could this be something to do with CCleaner just not liking Raids? OS: Windows 7 Pro
  8. System Restore initiated in Safe Mode did not fix the problem.
  9. Yes I assumed a Sandboxed virus warning was only affecting whats inside the box but I'm glad you reassured that point. Will do on posting the fix. BTW: System restore did not work unfortunately. Thanks to everyone for your input.
  10. @nodles ok it was just my bad on the INCLUDE setting. I didnt include all folders, subs and files. Now it work for that issue. @Super Fast, I am in the process of runnig scans now for viruses, etc. I may try a sys restore afterward. @Hazelnut I didnt think of that, so I created a 2nd account to test it out. After doing so, ccleaner cleaned out the Sandbox files for the 2nd account but not the 1rst account. ( Using Windows 7 Home Premium srv pk 1) I did get some more info that may lead to what happened. My girlfriends kid was using Sandboxie prior to this happening and apparently he
  11. Yes. If I do find a solution, I will post. Thanks for your input.
  12. Correction, That didnt work either. Ccleaner will not remove files from Sandboxie now. Now I am suspecting an infection of some kind.
  13. Before I did that, I removed ccleaner and sandboxie as completely as I could and reinstalled. No luck. I add a custom INCLUDE setting for sandboxie and that worked. Strange though why I need to do this after its been working fine before.
  14. Ah wait a minute. I just went to Sandboxie to Default Box/Delete Contents and it shows the normal recovery box with the Delete Contents button at the bottom left, but it states "There are no files to recover at this time". Could be that Sandboxie is corrupt? I wonder if doing a clean reinstall is in order?
  15. Not a dumb question at all. I have rebooted and checked the excludes as you suggested but nothing show. Maybe I should try a custom INCLUDE and add sandboxie that way and test the results.
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