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  1. Just found out why Speccy is correctly reporting 9x memory slots on my system - there are 8x DIMM slots plus the Flash Memory Controller/System ROM. So it isn't a bug, Speccy reporting is spot on.
  2. Thanks DennisD for your reply. I understand and appreciate the info you gave.
  3. This topic is now closed. Well it is as far as I'm concerned, anyways ;-)
  4. Speccy Bug Reporting Is Speccy not working properly on your system? Then let us know ... well, that's exactly why I started my previous thread in this section. @ Winapp2.ini - it would have been more productive for you to try and address the bugs/inconsistencies that I referred to. But thanks anyway...
  5. I have 8x 1GB sticks of FB-DDR2 RAM installed in each of the 8 slots on the mobo. Speccy states that I have a total of 9 memory slots and 9 are used. I also have 2x 1TB Spinpoint F3s in RAID0 - under Hard Drives > S.M.A.R.T. it states that 'A device attached to the system is not functioning' - although there are no problems with my setup. Other hardware monitoring programs show my system is functioning correctly and that there are indeed only 8 memory slots. Have you guys any ideas on this? Thanks
  6. As well as the above incorrect info, Speccy also tells me under Hard Drives > S.M.A.R.T. that 'A device connected to the system is not functioning' - well that's ***** too, I have 2x 1TB Samsung F3 in RAID0 and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my setup. So just what is happening to Speccy?
  7. Win 7 Ultimate, 64bit on a HP xw6600 workstation. Don't know if it makes any difference but I'm running RAID 0
  8. Just got a new (to me, but used) workstation. Running Speccy it states: Total memory slots 9 Used memory slots 9 How come? My mobo only has 8 slots and there is 1GB RAM in each slot.
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