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  1. Right now LastPass has set six different cookies on my system. One sets the language. One appears to support secure connections, but I'm not sure about the rest. Thanks for the idea, which I should have tried right from the start. It should be a standard first step to troubleshoot CCleaner cookie issues.
  2. Good idea. After cleaning, I again saved the coppermine login. Exited Firefox and checked the "Cookies to Delete" column. There were only two domains listed: addons.mozilla.com lastpass.com I added both domains to "Cookies to Keep" and did a new clean. This time the login information was not deleted. It doesn't make any sense to me, but it seems to have worked. Weird.
  3. There is no config.php file on my computer. It resides on the web server.
  4. Yes, the coppermine data is preserved by unchecking the "Cookies" box under Firefox in CCleaner. But so are all other cookies including those that are unwanted and which I want to have deleted. @DennisD - No, Coppermine is not installed on my computer. It is installed on the computer that hosts the westernfieldornithologists.org domain. Thank you.
  5. I don't know how CCleaner sees the name of the cookie. The cookie is not specifically listed. Only the domain is listed. I do not see cookie names in CCleaner. I only see domain names. Filtering appears to be available only by domain name. If I wish to add a string to "Cookies to Keep" I am asked to enter a domain name, not any other kind of string. When I "analyze" the Firefox cookies in CCleaner, it tells me that 0 bytes will be removed. It does not tell me the names of the cookies which will be removed: ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (0.225 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 bytes to be removed. (Approximate size) The cookie is listed when I display cookies within Firefox and look for all cookies under that domain (westernfieldornithologists.org). It also shows within Firefox when I search for cookies with "coppermine" in the name. The coppermine_data cookie is present when viewing cookies within Firefox. After cleaning it is gone from Firefox and it is necessary to login to the gallery again with credentials and check the "remember" box to reset the cookie. It is not a Flash cookie. It is a standard cookie, the content of which is some kind of encrypted text string that looks something like this (exact details changed for security): 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%3D%3D
  6. You will not have a "coppermine_data" cookie unless you are an administrator with login credentials to the photo gallery. The cookie is set when you login and check the "remember me" box. That's the only cookie that's being deleted without permission. Thanks.
  7. This is what I get when I check for updates: So that's what I mean by the latest version which I am using. Yes, previous versions had the same problem. Yes, I have checked "Cookies to Delete" and there are no entries for the domain name westernfieldornithologists.org on the list. Both have been moved to the "Cookies to Keep" list as described above.
  8. I have westernfieldornithologists.org and www.westernfieldornithologists.org listed under "Cookies to Keep." However, when I run CCleaner (latest version, Win7 SP1, 32bit) a cookie with the name "coppermine_data" is removed from that domain name anyway. I'm using Firefox 7.0.1. How can I prevent this from happening? It's important to me that that particular cookie be saved. Thanks.
  9. I do not have a Program Files\CCleaner\ccleaner.ini file. I looked in the registry under: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Piriform\CCleaner and found the list under "CookiesToSave" It appears that the re-installation of the current build accidentally wiped that registry setting. Can anybody confirm that?
  10. They were cookies for IE, Firefox and Chrome. They were all the cookies in the "kept" list. I.e. the entire "kept" list disappeared after I updated to the current build. I didn't realize that until after I cleaned the files and all the cookies were gone. I have since rebuilt the "kept" list and cleaned the files with this build and there was no problem. It worked as expected. I clean the registry occasionally. To clarify, it was the "kept" list itself that was wiped and had to be rebuilt when I updated to the current build. Where is the "kept" cookie list stored?
  11. Was there any more information you need? Thanks.
  12. Thanks. I'm using Win7 Pro 32 bit SP1. I normally use the full build which is what I did this time.
  13. Using the latest build 3.11.1550, I installed over the top and did the usual clean. Surprisingly all my "kept" cookies were gone. In the past, my kept cookies were always kept.
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