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  1. I have Internet explorer and FireFox, it seems i can post with FireFox but not Explorer,guess its something with Internet Explorer. Do you have any idea what it could be with Explorer? Also everything seems to be updated.
  2. Hi Hazelnut, I can run CCleaner with no problems. I did have a problem with the "Secure file deletion " awhile back, it would give me the same error message as above^ but would work fine in the "Normal file deletion" so I reinstalled CCleaner and corrected that problem. No other problems with computer that I can notice, just when I try posting a message that it gives me the error as above. I can read all the post with no problems, its just CCleaner forum that I cant post in. I have no problem with anyother forums I post to, I know its very weird!
  3. I cannot post in this forum, everytime I try I get "CCleaner has encountered a problem and needs to close". The weird thing is, its just on this forum. I am on another computer posting this topic. Anyone have any idea how to correct this problem? Any help will be appricated.
  4. Since I have been using CCleaner, every time I run Ad-Aware it finds nothing, so I'm presuming CCleaner is removing everything Ad-Aware would have removed. Is there a reason why I should keep Ad_Aware also? I have been using CCleaner for about three years now and its a awesome product. Thanks for any Professional advice.
  5. I ran another scan for issues in Safe Mode and all were removed. Thank you Dj for all your help. One last question, can i delete the Dial-a-fix medium file from computer or should i keep it for later use?
  6. Worked like a charm, all removed. Thank you very much,but what about the 300 or so issues in Safe Mode, i know you said almost never necessary but shouldn't they be removed also. The idea is to remove unnecessary files right?
  7. OK DjL I did what you suggested and followed the directions, ran another scan on the issues, their was only one their and I didn't remove it, now what? Sorry but i am not a computer whiz and need a little more help in what to do next. Thanks for your help. Oh i forgot to say i ran that scan in regular mode. Do i do the same in Safe Mode too?
  8. Eldmannen, i was having problems like connecting to the Internet, no problem using IE also larger grayed out section above the toolbar that took up 1/4 of the screen, tried everything i could think of but couldn't get ride of it. I think it all started after a thunderstorm and power outage, and i know that FF is suppose to be more secure, that's why i had installed it in the first place. I was using the latest version of it an imported all my IE settings when i installed it. Hope that answered your question.
  9. Thanks Dj I'll follow your advice an see if helps.
  10. Hi, I am a new member, first time posting in this forum. I have been using CCleaner for a good while now and very satisfied with the product, but i have run into a problem and looking for a little help. Every time i run CC their are always two items that can't be fixed in the issues scan in regular mode and computer was acting unusual, i was having problems with FireFox and decided to uninstall it and just use Internet Explorer. I ran Adaware, Ewido, Spybot S&D in Safe Mode an decided to run CCleaner also, well it found around 300 item in the issues scan but they keep reappearing every time i ran it. The question i have is why these issues aren't being fixed? Can CCleaner be run in Safe Mode?
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