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  1. Me again, I seem to be experiencing this issue again on my Desktop PC. Windows 8 Pro with Media Center (x64) Chrome version: 26.0.1410.64 m I'm not sure whether this is relevant, but when I first installed Windows 8 (before creating a user profile), I used sysprep to change the user directory location to D:\Users (as opposed to C:\Users). Everything else seems to be cleared properly, I can just see my previous searches when I begin typing. I'm not signed in with a Google Account, so it's not going to be present through Sync. Cheers
  2. With regards to the other issue - It went away after I updated CCleaner to a newer (currently latest) version. CCleaner was up-to-date at the time I was experiencing the previous issue, but was prompted shortly after to update to the newest version which fixed the issue, so I'd assumed it was a fix included with the new release. I can't seem to get those links to work, mate, but I assume that it is in fact the omnibox. And no, these are definitely previous searches as they appear differently to the search suggestions. Screenshot taken after having ran CCleaner. EDIT: Not sure if sc
  3. Nope, Chrome is not signed in / synced. It's not related to the previous issue that I'd posted, so I thought it best to report the new issue separately. Should I have just added this additional issue to the other post? If so, my apologies. EDIT: Previous issue was that the history would remain intact and wasn't being cleared. This issue is slightly different, in that now nothing is listed in my web history, but I'm still getting previous Google searches appear in my URL bar. E.g. 'Piriform Support Forums - Google Search' will appear if I type 'Pi'.
  4. Hello there, I think I may have potentially found a small bug with CCleaner and Google Chrome. It would appear that my previous searches through the URL bar are not being cleared. If I run CCleaner, launch Chrome again and start typing my search query into the address bar, my previous searches are still visible. My current Chrome version is: 23.0.1271.97. No Chrome processes running after it has been closed. Is anyone else experiencing this? Cheers, Matt
  5. Hi Mate, Thanks for your reply! It appeared to be a bug which has since been fixed. Many thanks.
  6. Good evening, I seem to be experiencing a strange issue with the latest version of CCleaner not clearing my Google Chrome history correctly. I very recently upgraded my computer and am now running on completely new hardware and a 64bit OS (Win 7). I'm using Google Chrome for Business so that it installs to the Program Files directory. When I run a clean, it seems to pick up some stuff, but if I check my web history (CTRL + H), none of it has been cleared. No Chrome processes are running after it is closed. Is anybody able to lend a hand? I'm not sure if it makes any difference
  7. I have no processes related to Chrome running after closing it. I also don't have sync enabled. Ccleaner appears to clear the cache but not the typed URL's?
  8. This happens to me too.. Google Chrome 15.0.874.106 m (latest final version, no beta) CCleaner V3.12.1572 It appears to clear the 'history' chrome://history/, but yet when you start typing, the previously visited URL's still appear.
  9. Thanks mate, although I found that the syntax appears to be "CustomLocation1=CHROME|C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default"
  10. Hi all, I've been using CCleaner for years and it's a fantastic tool. I've been using Chrome on my Work machine and had noticed that my settings etc were lost every time i restarted the machine. This is because by default, Chrome uses the %localappdata% (which isn't collected by the server). I've managed to point Chrome to a new location in the %appdata% (roaming) folder, but now CCleaner wont clear my Chrome history. I would assume that this is because it's not finding anything in the default user data location. Is there any way that I can point CCleaner to the location of the
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