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  1. Thanks all. The pesky key no longer shows up on the scan after excluding it.
  2. Thanks Andavari. Just to be safe, I think I'll go with your suggestion. I use McAfee because it came pre-installed on my computer, but I'll probably go with something else once my current subscription expires. I'm thinking of going with a freebie like Avast. In your opinion, do the free programs compare to the premium ones? I'm not sure if the $50 or whatever per year is worth it any longer.
  3. Thanks guys. I looked at the reg back up file and the key in question is [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\McAfeeRiskScan]. I'm still using McAfee SecurityCenter version 11.0, but I did have to do a complete uninstall and reinstall a few weeks ago due to a faulty update. I did use the McAfee removal tool at the time, but I suppose this key got left behind? I'll try your suggestions and thanks again.
  4. Running the registry cleaner and the same obsolete software key always comes up, even after selecting the option to delete it. It's called "HKLM/Software/McAfeeRiskScan". I see a suggestion to try Dial-a-fix, but I'm using Vista so I guess that's not an option.
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