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  1. Hello! What's up? Well, I think this is my first question in CCleaner Forums and wanted to share a concern that I have some time ago. In itself, this question is not "How the CCleaner works?" but rather, specifically in "How it Cleans the free space?". Let's see: * I have Windows 7 Ultimate x86 * I have a 465GB hard drive * I have 2 partitions: Disk [C:] 146GB & Disk [D:] 319GB * I have the latest version of CCleaner [Actually: 3.08.1475] What happens is that I started to make my PC clean thoroughly, so I had check all of CCleaner options and activates the Method: Gutmann 35 Pass to permanently eliminate the trash. I realized that to wipe free space on Disk [C:] CCleaner creates me a lot of folders, subfolders and files called "ZZZZ.zzz .. zz.z.. ZZZZZZ": And that takes me much free space, then: Of 146GB, 100GB free now left me, but that does not worry me, because I've found these are temporary folders, and when CCleaner finishes the cleaning, these folders and files will be removed and I will have my free space that I had before. The problem is to run in my Disk [D:], then, long before the 1? cleaning, I had 40GB of free space, I ran my CCleaner and it left me with only 1.24 GB free, then I passed it the CCleaner again and now I have only 212KB of free space WTF? :huh: But what? So what's the problem? Assuming that CCleaner has to create temporary files: "ZZZZZ... zzz ... ZZZZ ZZ" in cleaning up the disk space [D:] Where will they fit? How CCleaner will clean my [D:] disk? I've explored to the hidden files in the [D] and I have not found anything ... What the matter? I hope someone can help me with this situation, but because I'll have to buy a 700TB disk I had to pass the CCleaner again, and this is the result: 0KB of Free Space?... Seriously, You've had to be kidding me... Thanks in advance CCleaner Support and Greetings from Ecuador
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