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  1. Hi hazelnut Yes - you are correct - I have 3 dump files in my foler. It does not crash every time. Not to worry - sure it will be fixed at some point. Cheers BF
  2. Hi all Never seen a CCleaner crash before, but v5.10.5373 64bit crashes when opened for 1st time after booting about 3 times in 5. Nothing in event log. Subsequent opening of CCleaner is ok.
  3. Hi all I started this thread a while back. Anyone know if it is safe to install and trust Speccy on a Windows 7 Ultimate box? I would try it myself - but I simply can't afford a lock up and power down via the "Off" switch. Thanks BF
  4. Ah - found it! If you have "Internet Explorer | History" selected in CCleaner, it will make the Indexer forget that you don't want to index IE history.
  5. Hi all In the "Indexing Options" widget from the control panel, I untick "Internet Explorer History" because I use Firefox. However, I noticed that if I run CCleaner the "Internet Explorer History" entry is re-ticked!! Anyone know which option in CCleaner I can uncheck to override this behaviour? (I have "Applications | Windows | MS Search" unticked) BF
  6. I don't have Steam installed. I would love to use Speccy again on my Windows 7 Ultimate box - any news on the problem??? BF
  7. Hi mate To be honest, I did not run Speccy as Admin. Will it only run on Windows 7 in "Admin" mode? - if so I think that should be made clear somewhere. Yes - WMI is running. I am going to give Speccy a miss until I absolutely need it - I can't afford to keep powering off my PC without doing a "graceful" shut down - that's one of the ways to mess up Windows.
  8. Hi mate No - I have been using Speccy for ages with no trouble. I recently upgrade from XP SP3 to Windows 7 Ultimate on my Dell 8300. Speccy is the only program to fail - but I know it's still a top program. I can't run Speccy in any mode and have removed it. Anything else I can post to be of help?? BF
  9. Hi all Just installed Speccy on my Windows 7 Ultimate box. When I start Speccy, it tells me the OS and then "Analysing" for everything else. After about 2 seconds the spinny thing bottom left stops spinning and the PC is completely locked up. Only recourse is the power off button. BF
  10. Hi all Speccy v1.14.288 running on a Dell 8300 Dimension under XP SP3. Two of my four PCI slots are in use: Slot 1 - Empty Slot 2 - Empty Slot 3 - an old Conextant 56K MODEM (which is disabled) Slot 4 - a Dell badged Creative Audigy 2 However, Speccy shows all 4 slots as "Available". Also - Speccy show my AGP slot type as "UNKNOWN" - but picks up "AGP1" as the designation. I only just noticed this so do know when it started. I suspect it's down to the Dell motherboard not playing nicely with Speccy ! Thanks for the great software. BF
  11. Hi all I have set my cleaning choices using the checkboxes and CCleaner cleans my chosen areas - great. Sometimes I just want to clean the temp folder, or browser cache but can't be bothered unchecking, cleaning and then re-checking all those checkboxes. Would it be possible to save multiple checkbox choices as "profiles"? For example, I could have a "Default" profile and a "Temp Folder" profile. The checkbox choices would be different in each profile and I can select any profile from my list. Once I select a profile - CCleaner sets up the checkboxes as per the saved profile. If this has been suggested before - apologies. If not - cool. Blarty
  12. Yes, they do. CCleaner does a great job, except on the Kaspersky .tmp files.
  13. Hi hazelnut Great suggestion - I disabled self defence - but same result - I simply cannot get rid of the Kaspersky .tmp files using CCleaner! Peace
  14. Thanks, but no - those are not the files I am talking about if you look at my original post...
  15. Nope - it does not. The Kaspersky temp files remain in place after running CCleaner. And yes, I have "Windows | System | Temporary Files" ticked...
  16. Hi gang I have Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 installed - which is great. However, it seems to generate loads of temp files - any chance CCleaner can zap them??? Thanks!
  17. My user profile has not been touched since Windows install, and is in the default place for XP. I simply delete the 2 files.
  18. Just to help diagnosis - I am running XP Pro 32 bit, SP3. I have an item in my uninstall list with no date, and the sort works correctly when I click the "Install Date" column header. Tried several times - no crashes.
  19. Hi all Version 3.08 of CCleaner... If I select "Tools | Startup" the following files are added to the root of drive C:.... "ntuser.dat" and "ntuser.dat.LOG" This is not a big issue, and the files can be deleted. The issue started with this version of CCleaner. Windows XP 32 bit, Service Pack 3
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