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  1. Well, I saved the registry info just in case something horrible happened, so I have since merged it back in, restarted, and fixed that problem, but my filthy registry remained. What I have done to remedy the problem is simply uncheck "Fonts" on the registry clean tool when cleaning it. Cleaning my fonts, for some reason, meant deleting all of them and leaving nothing but Wingdings. I'm running Windows XP Professional and using CCleaner v1.30.310. I don't have a screenshot and I'd prefer not to repeat it, but if you have anymore advice I'd be glad to hear it. Beyond that, if it happens aga
  2. So I've never used one of these cleaners before, and I've had my new computer for about 3 months, and CCleaner found about 1500 problems. So I told it to fix them, and then I restarted my computer. Why I restarted, all the text on my computer had been changed to gibberish. Even the blue welcome screen was in gibberish. The word "start" on the start menu was in gibberish. What's going on??
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