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  1. This was my topic.I am not the one who added something dif...go to begining of thread and check...LOL!
  2. Yes the history,which is what I said in the begining.It is still there,even after shutting down and restarting...I look at the brwsing history and it is still there.Using the most current update of ccleaner
  3. Any suggestions as to what/which settings I should try changing?....other than the 2 already mentioned in my original post as they do not solve the problem.
  4. All the settings in ccleaner are the same as they always were,nothing changed there.
  5. Why is it that since windows 7 came out,my free ccleaner and all subsequent updates to it since the release of windows 7 no longer completely delete all browisng history like it used to do? I am using windows 7 32 bit home premium edition with internet explorer 8 (still holding off on upgrading to internet explorer 9). I am not interested in a work around,I want a product that works thouroughly and completely like it used too in vista.I do not want to use the windows browsing history deletion either because it quite often also does not work and leaves the history there...even when set to retain the history for 0 days. Turning off or on, the setting for recent documents or auto complete does not solve the problem either even others elswhere suggested it does.....ccleaner still does not delete all the history.As it is,not completely deleting as it used to do.ccleaner now completely sucks!
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