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  1. Hey, I was getting fed up with the incessant reminders of system mechanic and its over usage of my system resources....so I googled prefetch cleaner since that?s really all I ever do. WOW! I <3 THIS PROGRAM! its so much better than sysmech6. also, it found more errors. anyway, I was messing with it and being the power hungry user I am (literally, I will reformat my hd if there?s a single file fragment that I cant get defragged) So I was thinking, what about a feature to let you check specific tasks for it to perform when you either shutdown or start up (I like tasks that work at shut down because when you?re starting up, you want to get something done, the sooner the better....when you?re shutting it down, you?re gonna walk away form the computer, let it do its thing, and turn off while you?re in the kitchen or whatever)your computer? like, it would be so awesome to automatically clean the preftech on shutdown. (especially when your computer is trying to do something stupid...like prefetch world of warcraft and half life 2 LOL!) Anyway, I love your software, this is an amazing product and Im going to tell everyone I know about the wonders of my new fav. app....ccleaner!
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