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  1. Hello Forum! I've to say that CCleaner solved a lot of problem with c**p left behind installers or even the browsers. Since a few releases back, it start identifying as problem something that was working: These issues are related to vbCodeShield (A tool used to add error handling to VB projects). These objects are the Compression Plugin (as .ocx) which exist in the specified path. If I "Fix" these problems, and the following ones (refering more ActiveX Issues) that plugin stop working, which I use to pass my exes to UPX. I don't have the knowledge about CLSID or OLE, but why it detected them as problems? Besides that (I need to re-regsvr32 the .ocx each time I run CCleaner) everything runs great. Thank you for your time, and please excuse my poor english. Later, Zero cc_20060518_0308.txt cc_20060518_0308.txt
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