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  1. Can't believe there is no update on this. Other than offering the old installer. I too, like others here have often recommended C Cleaner, I paid for it and have recommended others do too. Plus written articles to promote it. So disappointed right now.
  2. I will not be renewing my paid subscription if this is left as it is. I want the application to close when I close it - completely. And I want it to not collect any data unless I accept that. Resorting to Task Manager to properly close an application is unacceptable. There isn't even an "EXIT" option one the Tray icon.
  3. Un-checking "Session" stops App Tabs from being removed after running CC. :-)
  4. Hi all, Just thought you may like to know that I have traced the Firefox Sync problem to the item "Saved Passwords" in CC Cleaner. Actually I never save any passwords anyway but FF Sync stores its password in Firefox's Password area. So Un-checking Saved Passwords in CC is the only thing required to stop you having to set up FF Sync after every run of CC. Now to check on App Tabs...
  5. Hi Nergal and others thanks for your replies. Much appreciated. Where would I find the settings you mentioned? PS. Just noticed the "Fir"fox title - Sorry about that - I can spell really. Edit again - Actually Winapp2 is right - I don't have that option checked in the first place. Does this mean that no one else is having this trouble? I am Windows 7 64 bit if that is any help.
  6. Hi guys, I have 2 problems with Firefox and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. I love CCleaner and am reluctant to turn it off. At the moment I have it set to clean: Firefox/Mozilla Internet Cache Internet History Cookies Download History Saved Form Information (I never save any anyway) Saved Passwords (as above) Compact Databases Basically, every time I run Cleaner - When I restart Firfox, my Sync settings have disappeared and need to be set up again which is a bit of a pain and takes time. Also - If any tabs are set as App Tabs they are also gone after running CCleaner (and then starting FF4) I always close FF before running CC. I release that both these issues are probably related to one of the settings above so I was wondering if anyone can tell me: Which settings would I disable in order to stop CCleaner from wiping my Sync settings and my App tabs? Is there something that could be added to the "Firefox/Mozilla" section of CCleaner to allow us to keep everything on without wiping those 2 things? Thanks in advance,
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