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  1. Where are the Custom Settings stored? I think I am deleting the file/settings as a result of a registry cleaner I use.
  2. The new version can clean the Windows HotFix Uninstaller listings in your Windows folder. An entry (Feb 14) at http://www.edbott.com/weblog/ suggests not deleting the following one: "%SystemRoot%\ServicePackFiles contains the actual downloaded files for SP2. Do not delete these files; they?re essential for Windows File Protection to automatically repair system files if they become corrupted or replaced by an incorrect version." Any thought from the developer or others to have an option to hold onto this paticular one? Dave
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! Dave
  4. How about a "Clean on Exit" instead of or in addition to, "Clean on Startup". This would speed-up boot-up. Perhaps this isn't possible technically. Any thoughts?
  5. I now believe I caused the issue. I used RegSeeker to clean the registry and I inadvertently wiped out the CC settings in HKEY CURRENT USER. Sorry for the problem Dave
  6. v1.24.180 I select files and folders to delete, but they are gone from the list upon reboot. I have to re-enter them. This was not an issue in previous releases. Dave
  7. I figured it out. I have a hard drive on my network which is seen by cc as a local drive. The folder 'Backup' was sitting in the recycle bin and I believe it is corrupt - can't flush it out. I will run dskchk and see if that will kill it. Dave
  8. After cc runs I get the error: "Cannot Remove folder: BACKUP. The directory is not empty." I had received a similar error before for a folder titled DT26. In that case I was able to delete the useless folder and the error was gone. I did a search and found a couple of folders named BACKUP, but they are unrelated to the type of content cc deletes and I can't do without them. Any thoughts? Dave
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