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  1. Sorry, am just a novice trying to understand. Have no clue to help you on that.
  2. Look in Hidden files and folders
  3. Thanks. I noticed that the ''IETldCache'' contains informations on sites you visited. I think it would be interesting to have it cleaned for security and privacy purpose.
  4. Am using IE8 on a pc running Windows 7, 64 bits. After cleaning with CCleaner, I noticed the following files were not deleted and still contained information of no use for any ordinary surfer. c:\users\ username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\IETldfCache\Low\index.dat c:\users\ username\PrivacIE\index.dat Am I missing something in the settings, or CCleaner does not clean those files? I added the second one in the section ''Advance'' and it worked. It does not work for the first one listed. Any suggestion?
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