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  1. It was indeed set for auto updates. As for the other problem, I downloaded VB and it seems to be running faster. I will wait until I get another loooong scan and post the results.
  2. Stuff = temporary internet files. I will run it and paste the results.
  3. Pardon me I am a little paranoid right now. I have been hacked and I feel pretty violated right now...anyway, I was running ccleaner and my firewall alterted me that ccleaner was trying to connect to the internet. Considering the nature of the product that caused me great concern. Why in the world, I thought, would you want to connect to the net when deleting sensitive information? Concern #2: When I first downloaded and installed the product it ran very quickly and frankly it did not find nearly as much as I would have thought in the temporary internet files. Now it is running longer....m
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