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  1. I have W7 and ccleaner version 4.00 4064.. Just this last two days,without making any changes to my day to day operation of Chrome( I checked the file manager and that there are no apps),I am experiencing the same problems listed here.I sensed something may be wrong since as I have the 35 pass deletion,the run seemed to whip through whereas usually it takes some time.However,the deletion report state that all files have been deleted.
  2. Ramro

    Secure deletion

    Thankyou AUGEAS.I don't wish to appear obtuse,but not being tech proficient,I want to make sure I've got this right.Does this mean that all the deletions of temp files,history etc I have made are,in effect in the same status as if they were done under the Cleaner unsecure mode ? In this case,why should I use RECUVA ? Hope this makes sense
  3. Ramro

    Secure deletion

    Good evening, I need to use the secure deletion program (3 passes),but I note that "Ccleaner can only securely delete files which have not yet been deleted from the Recycle Bin.If you have already deleted files insecurely (e.g using Windows Explorer),you can use RECUVA." As I have regularly used 'disc cleanup' and 'emptied recycle bin' in the past,is this relevant ? Thankyou
  4. Thanks for the welcome everyone.This is a great site and it's time to get started on my extra large keys to pose some problems.
  5. At 2 months away from 85 I'm not sure if I am in the 'use by' or 'sell by' date frame !
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