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  1. sorry for the delay, Thus far I've confirmed that a computer authority has not been having problems with ccleaner n FF1.5.0.2. I've been busy the last few days formatting my hard disk and installing a clean load of WinXP Pro corporate I, I'm installing all of my programs and soon I'll test out ccleaner again. Update , I now have a clean Windows install and both FF n ccleaner 1.28.277 are working well together. I must have done something wrong in the past to cause the conflict.
  2. I'm working on it. Do you use FF 1,5.0.2?
  3. Hi I'm new here. I am;however. experienced with computers. I felt that you should be advised about recent happenings. I see by your forums that you are aware of the software Firefox browser recent automatic update( under software topics). Well the other day mine updated automatically and on the same day I updated to the latest ccleaner 128. Everything went well as I configured FF and insured all of my extensions and plug-ins were still there. On computer start up the next day ( I habitually use ccleaner prior to computer shut down), My Firefox browser acted as if it were just installed with all of my configurations missing. For a week now I have been working with the FF knowledge base and my friend's forums trying to find out what went wrong. After a week or so of frustration, zol at DDF Forum reported that his ccleaner was crashing. I then uninstalled ccleaner and my Firefox has been behaving normally. Plodr at another forum advised that she had eariler problems with an earlier version of ccleaner similar to mine, but corrected them by unchecking IE references even though she has uninstalled IE6 browser. I reinstalled ccleaner 128 and unchecked any references to IE browser(I don't use Internet Explorer either); however ccleaner still wiped out all of my FF configurations. I have now uninstallede ccleaner and have my old computer back to normal. I have always let CCleaner do its cleaning (of course I do create and save the backup in a location on my desktop). I have never had any ill effects from its cleaning. Something I can't say about other cleaners I've used and discarded because they broke things. (Toni Arts Easy Cleaner v2 did not work properly, Hard Drive Valet...there were a few more because I'm always on the prowl for an idiot-proof that would be me, safe and easy to use registry cleaner).
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