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  1. Here is a detailed comparison of the SSD "trim" capabilities of CCleaner and "AS Cleaner 0.5" Test Conclusions: 1) "AS Cleaner 0.5" takes the SAME TIME to trim a drive/partition regardless of how many bytes need to be reset to "0" 2) "CCleaner" takes VARIOUS TIMES to do a "secure 1-pass file deletion" (= reset used bytes to 0, or maybe to 1?). The more files were just deleted, the more bytes need to be reset, and the longer it takes CCleaner to finish. For example, 1) I used CCleaner to "secure 1-pass delete ("trim") my 40GB "C" drive. a) Then I immediately deleted a ~15GB folder without using CCleaner (used Windows "folder too big" deletion) Then I ran "AS Cleaner" which took 2m 39s to trim "C". 2) I used CCleaner normal file deletion (no secure 1-pass deletion) for ~1 week. a) Then I deleted ~15GB folder, and used CCleaner "secure 1-pass deletion" --this took ONLY 20 seconds! 2) Then I immediately used AS Cleaner to trim "C" and it took 2m 39s 3) Then I deleted ~5GB of files, and again, AS Cleaner trimmed "C" in 2m 39s See the Test Conclusions: at the top.
  2. Whether or not CCleaner actually trims SSD's "correctly", I will remain a 100% loyal supporter of Piriform... a great company with a great forum!
  3. Thanks to everyone for your comments on this important subject! :-) 1st) Based on 2-3000 hours of use, I ABSOLUTELY KNOW that using CCleaner recovers the initial fast speed lost by my SSD's during normal use. HOW? Well, I always measure the initial boot speed of my laptop and my desktop whenever I install a new boot drive (= SSD since 2007). So when my desktop takes longer than 21 seconds to completely boot up, then I know it is slowing down. I have used "AS Cleaner 0.5" (a popular trim program) and it recovers my desktop boot time back to 21 seconds. I have also used CCleaner (see my initial post) for ~19 months now and it recovers the boot time to 21 seconds. 2nd) Augeas, if my CCleaner usage directions are wrong as you imply, then why does the boot time recover EXACTLY like happens when I use a trim program? 3rd) Sorry if my use of "CAPS" offended you, Andavari. Yet, with SSD's, a 23-months old thread is from the "last century." Forgive my emphasis please. 4th) Microsoft wants to sell new O$ systems, like Windows7. Supporting XP is far less profitable. Using the powerful "sticks and carrots" at its disposal, Microsoft has pressured hard drive manufacturers NOT to include auto-trim firmware for XP into SSD's. This forces consumers to buy Windows7 at the same time they buy an SSD. Worth many, many billion$ to Microsoft to do this. Hmmm...so just why is Piriform NOT commenting for the last 3 years about trim and SSD's ...I take that as a bad sign of Microsoft at work. :-(
  5. CCleaner is GREAT...greater than even Piriform realizes! :-D Piriform should BRAG that CCleaner also trims SSD's (= re-sets bits to zer0)!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT because ~75% of all computer users (especially businesses) in the world STILL USE Windows XP. Every month now a million more XP users buy a new SSD (solid state drive) which must be manually trimmed to maintain top speed. XP does not support auto-trim unlike Vista and Win7. Yet only 15% of users have Vista or Win7. While a few (slow) programs allow XP users to MANUALLY trim an SSD, NO program exists--EXCEPT CCleaner--to AUTOMATICALLY trim the SSD. For example, "AS Cleaner 0.5" is the most popular trim program for XP users, but takes 15-30+ minutes to manually trim a 100 GB SSD. Worse yet, the computer is too slow to use during the trim! In contrast, it is easy to configure CCleaner to quickly auto-trim every time it deletes files! So, an SSD ALWAYS operates at peak speed without any special attention! Wow! :-) Simply choose "Options, Settings, Secure Deletion "Simple Overwrite (1 pass)", and select your drive(s) and "Wipe MFT Free Space" HEY, Piriform, start bragging to the world! Tell the 250,000,000 XP users buying SSD's how great CCleaner is! I have used CCleaner since 2009 to auto-trim my (4) four SSD's in my desktop and my laptop. Phenomenal! Thank you, Piriform!
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