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  1. You were absolutely right, Nergal, thank you very much. In my Program Files\Ccleaner I found a winapp2.ini of 826KB, which seems to be the entire community template. The file must have been stored there when I tested [Voldemort]. Using a small winapp2.ini on another PC I was not aware of the performance effects the total template would have on Ccleaner. After deleting the template Ccleaner performs as before, thank you again Arne
  2. Starting with Ccleaner v5.17 when opening the programme in Cleaner both Analyze and Run Cleaner buttons are grey. I have to switch to Registry and do a Scan for Issues. Afterwards when changing back to Cleaner both buttons Analyze and Run Cleaner are blue and can be used. Happens on both Windows 10 Pro 32bit and Windosw 10 Home 64bit since v5.17 Any clue what to do? Rgds, Arne
  3. Hmmm, PC was newly booted, no other application than Windows XP prof and CCleaner started, definitely not Magix, the programme which created the files I want to delete. Any other ideas out there? ciao, Myrtle98
  4. Hi, I want to delete files saved by MAGIX under %allusersprofile%\documents. Created the winapp2.ini accordingly and did run Ccleaner portable (latest version). [*Magix 8] LangSecRef=3023 DetectFile=%allusersprofile%\Dokumente\MAGIX_Fotos_auf_CD_DVD_8 Default=True FileKey1=%allusersprofile%\Dokumente\MAGIX_Fotos_auf_CD_DVD_8|*.*|RECURSE In Ccleaner I see *Magix under Applications, Multimedia, when analysing I get as a result 4 GB to be deleted in the directory I indicated. From this conclude the detectfile and filekey statements are correct. But when I run Ccleaner no files are deleted, I tried it both without and with admin rights. It would be great if any of the experts here could help me with this problem. Thank you, Myrte98
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