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  1. and I think I can help you with that.




    This is truly ludicrous. To register is the simplest thing in the world. You don't need to be computer literate, it takes seconds.


    You obviously have nothing to say and thankfully we appear to have been spared the opportunity of you saying it.

  2. Mine is made by pouring boiling water onto the tea leaves in a teapot and then waiting a minute or so and pouring it into a thin china cup (seems to taste nicer from fine china!)


    Very refined Hazel. I wouldn't expect anything less from you.


    And do you stick your pinky out as well? :)

  3. I see the same message as Hazel.


    If I hover it shows javascriptover18 in the status bar.


    It's a pop up for an adult live webcam website.


    Thanks for that. I'll use another site. This has happened to me before. But I'm innocent, innocent , innocent I tell you.


    Just going for a cold shower,





  4. If anybody else sees the same message that Hazel got let me know and I'll use a different hosting site.


    Not sure if that dig about surfing Pron was aimed at me.


    There's a Kiwi in the family, hence the choice.



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