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  1. Hi Kroozer, I saw that before. Thanks. The problem is that in v2.09.391 (64-bit), the second-step options do not seem to exist. Clicking SETTINGS does not bring up BOOT TIME DEFRAG or PRIORITY, and I could not find those options elsewhere. Regards, Alan
  2. Defraggler says my hard drive is 41% defragmented, but Windows 7 64-bit says it is 0% defragmented. What gives? Regards, Alan
  3. Thanks Dennis, I am only now checking back, and a few days before you posted this, my wife was in a rather severe accident that resulted in both her hips being fractured. I haven't been spending much time on the computer as I've mostly been at the hospital and now the rehab nursing home. If you get a response from the admin, I'd love to hear their response and what, if anything, they intend on doing about this. Unexpected piggyback software may bring in some bucks, but it sure causes a lot of ill will, and surely, community good will has some monetary value. It seems penny-wise and pound-foolish to squander it. Regards, Alan
  4. Hi Superfast, I looked around for portable versions and versions not encumbered on the Piriform site, but I didn't see any. Would you mind pointing me to where I can get it for Ccleaner, Defraggler, and Speccy? Hi Dennis, Of course, the moderators are volunteers, not the decision makers who determine how the product is packaged and distributed. Thanks for your kind words. I hope someone in a position of authority will acknowledge that this concern was raised. Regards, AlanStan
  5. Good. I hope someone official from Piriform will acknowledge here on this forum that this complaint was made. Regards, AlanStan
  6. Hi Redhawk and Winapp2, Thanks for the replies. I usually exercise caution about looking for piggyback installs. And I appreciate Winapp's statement that an initial lag in the installation routine can cause the user to hit "next" button before the warning screen about the piggyback install has had a chance to appear. Presumably, this "glitch" was not deliberately designed into the installer. At least, I want to believe that it is not deliberate. Nevertheless, the user who gets caught up in this will find it infuriating. Apparently, Chrome makes changes to the registry that creates problems for those who uninstall it and want to use another default browser (please see link below). Perhaps the Piriform powers-that-be monitor this forum and will see this thread. I certainly hope so as I am unwilling to pay $24.95 USD just to make a complaint, and Piriform seems unreachable otherwise. This conundrum has the potential for doing real damage to Piriform's community good will if they do not fix the installer so that this accident does not continue to happen to others. As I said, I'm usually very careful about piggyback installs, and this one caught me unaware. When doing a bit of research, I discovered I'm not the only one with this reaction. I found this thread on the highly-regarded Bleeping Computer forum about Piriform's piggyback installation of Chrome that caught a sophisticated and experienced user unaware. This cannot be good for Piriform. Regards, AlanStan
  7. I am using Windows XP, SP3. I have been using CC Cleaner and Defraggler for years, and so last night, I decided to give Speccy a try. The Speccy installer also installed Chrome, and I did not know it had done this until some time later. Chrome became my default browser. I did not want this as I am an enthusiastic Firefox user and had it set up with lots of bookmarks and menu customization. So I went into my Firefox, clicked on tools/options/advanced/check now in order to reset Firefox as my default. But clicking on a URL link in a Notetab Pro file opened the URL up in Chrome. I removed Chrome, but when I clicked on a URL in a NoteTab Pro file, Windows searched for Chrome despite this. So I went to my Windows start/control panel/add or remove programs/ and clicked on set program access and defaults/custom in order to set Firefox as my default. After that, clicking on a URL shortcut still defaulted to Chrome. So I clicked on my computer and clicked tools/folder options/file types and noted HTML files were assigned to be opened by Firefox. However, Windows still wanted to use Chrome to open the URL. Then I uninstalled Speccy, rebooted, and finally Windows understood Chrome was not my default browser. ************* I can't begin to tell you how annoying this whole time-wasting episode was. I think that foisting Chrome on the unwitting user as a "feature" of the Speccy installation, along with Chrome's aggressive and obnoxious attempt to make it the default browser will annoy many other people. If the Speccy installer was deliberately designed to install Chrome without the user's permission and knowledge and this was not just user-error on my part, this is a terrible public-relations mistake. As it is, I no longer can recommend Piriform products until I know this has been fixed or until I know it was just some dumb thing I did. I hope it was user error, so that I can continue to recommend Piriform, along with a caution to be aware that Chrome is offered during installation. My experience, however, was that I had to choose between having Speccy and being forced to use Chrome as my default instead of Firefox, or have Firefox and forgo Chrome. With respect, Speccy is not worth giving up Firefox as my default browser. ************* I hate to make this kind of posting as my introduction to the forum. But when I sent a private email to Piriform according to the suggestion on the website, I got an automatically generated email that said, "If you have a suggestion, then please post it in our forum. For support with the forum, please contact one of the forum moderators. Sorry about this automated response, but we're super busy creating great applications " My preference would have been to handle this problem privately, but I couldn't do that without paying $24.95 USD for the privilege. Regards, AlanStan
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