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  1. It worked . Thank you so much. I will always be more careful form now on when dealing with the registry. Also, I was debating on whether on not to use a different anti-virus instead of Nortons and this pretty much made my decision.
  2. From now on I will use caution when using the registry cleaner. I am using Windows XP and I have tried several methods to add it back in, such as just double clicking it, trying to import, trying to merge, but none on those worked.
  3. I've had errors randomly appear on my computer. I decided to try to use the CCleaner Registry Cleaner backup to restore some of the registry files. However, every time I tried to restore it, I received a message like "Registry Editor: Cannot import... Error accessing the registry." I then tried to restore a backup file from one of the first times I had used the cleaner. It worked. The only thing I can figure was that the backup I could not restore had a name change as the date for easy filing purposes. Example: The one restored was cc_20091004_082257.reg, while my renamed one was 2-10-11.r
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