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  1. Has there been any progress made resolving this problem yet?
  2. Hi Richard, As suggested one debug file generated and attached. I've also added the text of the dump file generated by Windows in case that helps. I stripped just the text out of the dmp file as it was too large to upload as created. Hope this helps, Glyn. Speccy_log1_08_21817-2-2011_17-37.txt Speccy64.exe_17-2-2011_17-37-31.dmp.txt
  3. Hi, I was running Speccy v1.03. Although Speccy ran, the analysis was incomplete with many entries saying Unknown system error. So I downloaded and installed Speccy When I run this version it crashes during analysis. I've attached a screen clip so you can see the state of the Speccy screen at the time of the crash and the APPCRASH details supplied by Windows. I'm running Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) on an Intel Core i7 920 with 6GB RAM. There are two ATi HD4870x2 cards running four monitors. Any ideas? Cheers, Glyn.
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