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  1. If only i have that little bug/problem, then fine. I'am pretty sure that i'am not going to install Visual Basic 6 Runtimes. 1. because this is not my Computer. 2. I did only Clear Temp -folders/files with this great program. I did look little bit Registry Issues, but i did not fix anything. Because this PC seems to work, that above (Checkboxs are gone) is only problem i know, and it's a tiny one.
  2. My CCleaner is v1.27.260 - Basic, and OS is WinXP Professional SP2. After Issues search is done and if i get "No Issues were found" and then make new Issues Search and if i now find "Problems", then Checkboxs are gone and i can't unselect problems. Also Mouse context menu does not work. Closing and Re-starting program fixes it, but it happens always again if i some point make "No Issues were found" search.
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