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  1. Well I found out what the problem was. It was Windows Defender Beta. I uninstalled it and that solved my downloading problem. A big Thank You to all who replied.
  2. I've tried everything suggested and it still does not work. When I "download" the file, it shows that the download is complete but whenever I try to save it, it is not there. I've even just tried to run the file but nothing happens then. I'm about ready to give up but I read so many good things that I really wanted to try the product. If anybody has any other suggestions, I'd be more than glad to try them. Thanks for all our help.
  3. I did as you said but it still will not download. Any other suggestions?
  4. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to why I can not download CCleaner? I have turned off my McAfee Firewall and Norton Antivirus. I save it to My Documents File and when I go there, it is not there. I am new to forums so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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