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  1. Hello. My girlfriend has been having trouble with pop ups (even pop ups asking if she wants to go on the internet even when she is not on the internet) and she thinks it came about cause the teatimer popped up and because of that bug (doesn't completely show the buttons) she clicked the allow the change button. Is there any way to reverse this? ~Avak1924~
  2. Thanks for your help. I have it installed now. ~Avak1924~
  3. Okay, I downloaded the new update for DirectX but now when I'm installing it, it is asking me to extract the files but I don't know where to extract them to. Any help?
  4. Yeah I have the DirectX 9.0c. But filehippo's download says April 2006 and I don't see that on the window so I don't know if it is the most up to date version.
  5. Okay I got to the window where it says the version number. Does someone know what is the most recent version number so I know if it needs updating?
  6. I'm not sure if this topic belongs in the software section but how do I check which version of DirectX I have? Microsoft released an update but I don't know if my computer automactically installed it when I checked for updates for windows. ~Avak1924~
  7. Hello. The college I'm attending gave me a free one-year subscription to Cdigix, a website where you can download music legally. I have had no complaints with it since I have been able to find every song that I liked on there. But now I have a problem. I want to burn my music files I downloaded to a CD for my CD player in my car (I don't have an Ipod or any of those things). The problem is the license that comes with the music when I download it doesn't allow me to burn them to CDs. Is there any freeware program or simple trick that I can do to get around this problem? ~Avak1924~
  8. Andavari, I found another folder named NeroDemo9598. This folder was in the path C:\Document and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Temp. The local settings folder mention in the path was a hidden folder. The folder has about 350 mb of stuff I'm assuming the goes with Nero. Is it safe to delete this stuff? ~Avak1924~
  9. A while back I download a trial version of the lastest version of Nero Burning ROM. I wasn't really too impressed with it so I uninstalled it through my add/remove programs. But when I was looking through my C drive I found a folder named Nero 7 in my Program Files folder. I thought my computer uninstalled everything so why is it in there and is there any safe way of getting rid of it? Thanks ~Avak1924~
  10. Recently I tried a demo of the latest Nero software (downloaded from filehippo.com). I only had about a month to try and when I uninstalled it I noticed there was a icon in my control panel and in my add/remove programs that said Nero Burnrights. When I tried to uninstall it it wouldn't let me. Are there any ways I can get rid of it? EDIT: Never mind. I installed the Nero demo again and was able to uninstall the Burnrights and the demo. Sorry for the inconvience. ~Avak1924~
  11. Using the CCleaner to delete the zhotkey.exe entry worked perfectly. Thank you very much for everyone's kind support. ~Avak1924~
  12. I ran the dxdiag and it says there is no problems with my keyboard and I have the current version of DirectX. But I don't really understand what you mean by post the popup relating to zhotkey.exe. Do you mean the popup that windows brings up? Yes, I ran the issues on CCleaner and fixed all of the issues. ~Avak1924~
  13. Now I'm having an error that says theres a problem with zhotkey.exe. It's not doing anything noticeable when I'm on the computer but it is annoying to have it pop up every time the computer starts up. Does anyone know how I can fix this? It sounds like it has something to do with my keyboard. And this error started after using the dial a fix and getting the newest version of ccleaner to install. ~Avak1924~
  14. I use McAfee. It was the antivirus program that I got for free from Rochester Institute of Technology when I got there (I'm a freshman). I believe I download the standard dial a fix but I did see the lite version. ~Avak1924~
  15. The Dial a Fix didn't work but I figured out that it was my darn antivirus that was preventing it from running. So I was able to disable it, install it and then enable my antivirus program again. Thanks for all of the help you have given me. ~Avak1924~
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