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    This evening someone tried to send me a mail purporting to come from emails @avast.com the title of which was " your backups will be deleted by October 19th. This did not make it onto my system as I use Mailwasher which stopped it at its server. I deleted it due to the recent issues surrounding CCleaner. Should I be concerned at this mail, is it Malware or a genuine information message from Avast and if so why. hitbit
  2. Agree. Most developers of security and or associated programmes offer such licenses. Most homes have multiple devices and would benefit from being in a position to install your programme on all devives. Hitbit
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    When I restart my system having run CCleaner my McAfee suite advises that I am not fully protected and have to click the McAfee " Fix " button to reestablish full protection. This does not occur if I do not run CCleaner. Any help would be appreciated. hitbit
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    Hi There, I am new to CCleaner. This is a might powerfull programme. I would like to be able to password protect it to prevent accidential activation. hitbit
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