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  1. Yes, adding the version AND build info is now needed. And the complete info, like the most recent one is: Windows 10 Version 1803 build 17134.48 The way MicroSoft is issuing patches & re-patches & patches of patches now, you really need that detailed a look sometimes.
  2. You should consider having the Drive Map Legend displayed all the time on the main page of Defraggler. This is important information, wanted when defrag is in process, and hard to use in the current scheme (it covers too much other stuff when invoked). Suggested locations: 1) a condensed version would fit in the empty space to the right of the current tabs (Drive, File list, Search, Drive map). 2) on the Drive tab, the Status & Properties parts of the screen could be downsized a bit to allow another box to the left giving the Drive Map legend. (This is less desirable than option 1,
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