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  1. i deleted the offending file and ran the 'error - checking' thing under 'tools' when you go to drive properties, and it said nothing was wrong with it... so either MFT is a load of empty space unlockable using this program or time will tell (and the simple 'check-disk' program was wrong) or i missed out on corrupting my disk by a hair... but if its supposed to do that then you will have needed to change the legend a little - but then why leave the file cut in half still - there was nothing where the 2gigs stopped, it could have put the whole file in the MFT.... the last four purple squares were filled with another file (but by windows). charlie
  2. i couldnt install the latest version of defraggler because i have win2000 (i dont understand why i cant use the latest version - i even forced installed all versions of .net except 4, and you can even add extra DLL files if certain XP only commands are not available!) so i stayed with v1.17.172 it wouldnt defrag the free space, after clicking it, it asked me about emtying the recycle bin and i could save 2 gig but i clicked no. i checked the bin and i had nothing from this drive in it (how could they stuff that up?? and how could i continue to trust these people with my data... but i did...), then nothing happened when i clicked 'no' (i expected it to continue - even asking how much i want free, what files i dont mind moving, and what files it wants to move, where i want the free space, fill the knooks and crannies with little files etc.... and go back if you clicked cancel) and so i was wondering what to do next. well i installed ubuntu, and set it to the 3 gig option (total of almost 4gig). microsoft programmers couldnt draw a straight line if they tried on the disk, the drive was fragged (didnt even bother to fill the straight empty areas) even splitting small files. so i started with some small linux files and was ok, then i tried root.disk after a while of moving it, it said nothing was defraged because the 3gig file was still split, and i saw it overwrote the MFT (according to it) from the start of the drive to about two gigabyte in, and about a gig was left where it was, with empty space after it (this empty space part happens with other files too)... the drive might still work as root.disk should be sort of empty. i reopened the program and yes it still says its in the MFT. if i do not click the file (so no squares are highlighted) then the red squares change to purple. Charlie.
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