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  1. I am having this same issue off and on since yesterday. Sometimes it completes, sometimes it cannot make a connection. I am using CCleaner Pro Version 5.64.7613 (X64).
  2. Newest Version CCleaner 5.64.7613 installed. Setting is for Smart Clean Edge Chromium to Automatically Clean on Closing with Notification, but no notification is appearing. Is there a special setting for this? All other browsers, Chrome, Firefox are working properly.
  3. CCleaner (v5.63.7540) is a stable version after this Beta. Is it in there? If so, I can't make it work.
  4. Can I install Beta over my present version of CCleaner (v5.63.7540)? Or, do I have to uninstall the present first , then install the Beta?
  5. APMichael - thanks - will try this - appreciate ur reply.
  6. Is there an easy way to include Slimjet Browser in Ccleaner Enable browser monitoring? I would like to clean Slimjet on closing, but can't seem to find a way I can use to do this. I know about cc enhancer and winap.2 but can't seem to make them show popup cleaner after closing slimjet. I do have Firefox and Google Chrome Browsers also installed. Appreciate any suggestions.
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