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  1. Just to correct a few misconcsptions: 1. I don't know how many people still use Win2K, but we certainly do (along with XP, Vista, Win7, and until not long ago Win98SE). I came here today after discovering that Defraggler no longer supported it, and looked around the Piriform site for quite a while for a link to v1.21 before eventually landing here and finding one (you might consider listing old versions somewhere easier to find, as many sites do). 2. The reasons why people use older systems are many and varied. Some do so to run applications which no longer run well on newer systems. Others may not appreciate Microsoft's 'activation' mechanisms. And I suspect quite a few simply don't see any need to upgrade something that's still meeting their needs and/or might even have difficulty affording to. 3. Whether Win2K (even Win9x) is 'insecure' really depends upon the environment in which it's executing. It's certainly not insecure if not connected (directly or indirectly) to the Internet - even without the robust current anti-virus/anti-malware applications which still support it. It's actually just about as secure when connected to the Internet as XP, Vista, or Win7 if it has those applications in place and is sitting behind a hardware NAT router (our Win2K systems are still in heavy use in this configuration and it has literally been close to a decade since any malware was even detected let alone actually managed to run, and no, we aren't careful about where we surf though we are careful about what we explicitly download and run - the main potential threat for an OS that's no longer being updated). So while there's no legitimate reason for people like me to DEMAND that Piriform continue to support this system, the reasons that some of its defenders have advanced for not doing so reflect more their own ignorance (and knee-jerk reaction to perceived criticism) than anything else. If there's no significant reason to drop support for older systems in the future, I hope you'll think twice about doing so arbitrarily. Edit: Whoops - meant to ask whether the v1.21 portable version is also available somewhere (didn't see it at FileHippo).
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