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  1. . True , but the (false) message displayed by the CCleaner update page is … “ You have the latest version ” Where it should say what it says on this forum page if javascript is blocked ... “ Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality ”.
  2. If NoScript is on you can get a false message that your copy of CCleaner is the latest version when it is not , click on the attachment to see a gif animation of this phenomenon.
  3. “ piriform.mail ” is guessable with a dictionary attack, (both words in dictionary). Maybe the spammers have done the numbers-for-letters thing too: I (the OP) used “p1r14m” (piriform) as part of the email address.
  4. If someone has hacked my email provider to obtain addresses to spam, why should they choose a disposable email account which has been unused for over a year, rather than more recent disposable email, or better still use my primary email ?. [ a quick Google reveals this particular spam email is not specific to my email provider, e.g. header posted here ... http://pastebin.com/YJiDrq4Y ]
  5. I've attached part of the full header to this post, there are no other similar addresses on it, just the one I created for this forum, which I have never used to send an email, nor have I posted it anywhere other than the registration form for this forum. Hopefully it is just a random fluke coincidence, otherwise there is a leak of data somewhere. [ BTW the email was apparently from a revolutionary political organisation, so they're probably not above doing something illegal to further their cause, e.g. hacking databases ]
  6. The email address was a disposable one I created specifically for the piriform forum (see attachment on first post). I've never used it to send an email so it has never been exposed to anyone by myself. It's not in my email contacts list either , (as I've never sent a message using it), so contact-list-harvesting wouldn't explain how spammers got it either.
  7. I know about email harvesting so never post email addresses in any forum, and I have never used the piriform email address to send an email to piriform or anyone else. That email has only been used by this forum to send emails to me. [ The email address I created seems too weird to be guessed by spammers ... https://en.wikipedia..._harvest_attack ] If no-one else reports getting spam via their piriform forum email address then the hack is specific to me
  8. I just got spam email via the email address I gave this forum. The sender was "operation jubilee", (screengrab attached). If it's just me then it's no big deal, but if other's have had this spam email via their piriform email address then the database of this forum may have been hacked. Just though I'd mention it.
  9. Click on this link to see the Adobe flash player settings manager (Website Storage Settings panel) ... http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager07.html
  10. The Yahoo login cookie was the only one I deliberately kept. When regular (not flash) cookies are cleaned not a trace remains. So I was just concerned about the references to the websites remaining in the "Adobe flash player settings manager" after CCleaning flash cookies, (e.g. Google mail). Thanks Nergal and Andavari
  11. CCleaner appears to clean flash cookies, but references to the websites whose flash cookies have supposedly been removed by CCleaner remain on the Adobe flash player settings manager after CCleaning ... Are these website references just empty folders ?, or should they have been removed by CCleaner ?.
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