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  1. loooool @ Alan_B Hi there! I'm wondering myself. I use an i7 2600K @ (actually) 4Ghz on a MSI P67A-GD53 (B3) mainboard. However, my MSI Control Center says: CPU = 36° C System = 33° C Speccy: CPU = 43° C System = 43° C I'm pretty sure, my BIOS itself is detecting a lower value because my CPU fan is running at 50% efficiency, with a target temperature of 40° C.
  2. Instead of "Entfernen" for "Delete Entry", I suggest "Eintrag l?schen". That's a very similar translation.
  3. Hello! First of all, thank you so much for this great piece of software! My issue: I prefer CCleaner to uninstall Windows apps 'cause it's so much faster to handle. But there's a problem with (at least) the German localization of the terms "Run Installer" (Deinstallieren) and "Delete Entry" (Entfernen). In a rush I did accidentally hit "Entfernen" twice already (instead of deinstallieren). Both words have basically the same meaning. Suggestion: Add a warning dialog for "Delete Entry". Sincerely, Kansas
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