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  1. I noticed today that Google Chrome beta now resides in Program Files (x86) folder, whereas previously it could be found in the %AppData% directory. I wonder whether this is the reason for the odd behaviour?
  2. Users of Google Chrome beta usually stay on that channel, such as myself. As previously mentioned, this has only become an issue with the latest version.
  3. I have been using Chrome Beta for at least the last two years - this is the first time it has failed to appear in CCleaner's 'Applications' menu. Will this be resolved?
  4. Yes, I've been using Chrome's inbuilt cleaner to remove the history, via Ctrl+Shift+Delete. Sometimes I'll do it with BleachBit too as that seems to work.
  5. Lastest CCleaner (5.30.6063 64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro (15063.296) still does not remove Chrome's browsing history (59.0.3071.47 beta 64-bit).
  6. True. As it's not a massive issue I'll see whether the next release of CCleaner rectifies it. If not, I'll do as you suggested. Thanks for taking the time with your input
  7. No other Google services running. I do think it's the browser as this is the first time it has ever happened.
  8. Thanks for the possible solutions. Regarding the first step, I know that my Chrome sync is only set for Bookmarks, Extensions and Settings. I double-checked just now and as I thought, History is definitely not selected. "Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed" was selected, so I disabled it, closed Chrome and ran CCleaner again. History remains. I did also check that no chrome.exe instances were running under Process Explorer, and there were none. I'm thinking something has changed in the latest Chrome Beta as this has only arisen since the latest update.
  9. CCleaner 5.29.6033 on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Version 1703 (15063.250) does not remove Chrome's browsing history (Version 59.0.3071.29 Beta 64-bit).
  10. I see that free space defrag has been added to the command-line app. Thanks for this
  11. Last bump, then onto another program.
  12. Bumping in the hope that someone in a position to answer may actually do so.
  13. Does the command line version defragment freespace during a defrag?
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