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  1. Hey there. I downloaded and used Defraggler and CCleaner to help my computer run a bit faster. I use Windows Vista 32bit. After that i have been experiencing ALOT of problems: - I have to use No Proxy in firefox as that wont connect to the internet. - Repetetive security warnings that im infected. - I tried to get the new version of AVG free which told me to remove the old version and to install the latest. Now i have no AVG because the new one wont install properly and i cant even uninstall it either. - World of Warcraft fails to launch saying 'Launcher cannot obatian patching information. Please check your Internet Configuration' Yet i am connected to the internet. -Ive tried a system restore to the time before i downloaded Defraggler and CCleaner, it worked for a little but every thing gone wrong now. Basically mostly any application concerning internet connection has been affected. I can only narrow this down to when i used Defraggler and the Backdoor Trojan detected called Cycbot.B (Win32/Cycbot. If anyone can help me i will be grateful i wanna get this stuff sorted asap. As nobody likes getting this days after their birthday. Thank You
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