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  1. Yeah you are right its GRUB loader and its still there and functional except nothing loading after you make selection. And you can see EXT3 part in win 7 run > diskmgmt.msc Regards, Stoyan Bukovich
  2. Hi, guys my questions are those: Is "wipe free space" function tested on dual boot systems? My Linux box is just not starting after using "the wiper", what I am thinking that might be "wipe free space" just took both linux partitions for free space and wipe them out, am I right? If so isn't it good idea be showen in the warning message that apears when you select it? And some tech. spec.: Windows 7 Ultimate x86 EN Linux Backtrack v.4 CCleaner v.2.34.1200 Thanks, Stoyan Bukovich link removed by moderator
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