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  1. No other apps including windows explorer are affected, only the Microsoft Office 2003 apps.
  2. I have customized the Windows Explorer column headings, but to the same column headings as I use in Office 2003. And CCleaner did not affect windows explorer. BTW, the file open and file save dialog boxes in Office 2003 apps do not come from Windows. They are unique to the Office 2003 apps. I also found this problem in Excel 2003 and Outlook 2003 when I went to save files. The ccleaner action affected them all.
  3. The Word 2003 File Open dialog box column headings get reset to default(artist,duration,album,etc) after running CCleaner, even with the Office checkboxes unchecked. I troubleshot it to the "Windows Explorer/Recent Documents" checkbox. Once unchecked the problem went away. It is easily duplicated. I also commented out and deleted all of the MS office settings in the winapp.ini file and that did not change the outcome. Weird.
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