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  1. As the subject/title says, I was using 1.8 and it worked fine on XP-SP3 but when I updated to 1.14, it installed OK but then when it went to start the first time as part of ending the install process, the frame for Speccy opened but then it crashed and I got the send crash report to Microsoft window, which I did send the report. I tried two more times with the same results. I then used RevoUninstaller to uninstall since I had installed 1.14 on top of 1.8 and thought that might be the problem, although it was never a problem on previous updates. I then reinstalled 1.14 but got the same exact crash issue. I then went to filehippo.com and tried 1.13 and it opened further but still crashed. I did not get the crash report window for MS with that crash. I have not uninstalled 1.13 yet and just looked in the Program Files folder and see three .dmp files. Let me know how to send those to you all or maybe I can attach them to this thread although I'm not sure if any private info is inside them so I don't want to attach them just yet. Also, I see a limit of 1.95MB of upload space and these .dmp files are larger than that. Lenny Vasbinder
  2. I'm working on this computer remotely so I don't have access to installing a USB drive on it. The person on the other end doesn't have a flash drive either. That's why I limited my post to "Can CCleaner be installed in Safe Mode?"... that's all I need to find out.
  3. I'm all up on doing the malware removal.. just trying to find out if I can install CCleaner in safe mode. Does anyone know?
  4. I already know some can and some can't.... I'm trying to find out about CCleaner. If it can't, then I'd rather not try and possibly muck up things. The computer is already mucked up because my friend kept trying things she didn't know about. The reason why is because I don't want to exit Safe Mode until I'm finished cleaning up some malware but I also want to uninstall some programs and then use CCleaner to clean up all the temp files and registry while in safe mode. Some files that might be resistant to cleaning are more easily cleaned while in safe mode.
  5. The title kind of says it all. I checked the FAQ's and I did a search of the forums and a general Google search and do not see this question answered. So, can CCleaner be installed while a computer is in Safe Mode? In particular, it's an XP-SP3 computer but curious about Vista and W7 also. Link to authors site removed
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