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  1. Darn I can kinda see that some people may have used symlinks to effectively move files etc to alternate/faster drives. But at the same time I've just lost a few hundred MB of personal files ... I don't know who to blame. Between Perforce and Piriform a perfect storm was created that's hurt me big time. Maybe the following of symlinks should be an option that's off by default and which you're prompted about the first time you encounter one? PS Microsoft's in-built cleaner (which is a bit basic I know) doesn't seem to follow symlinks. I haven't looked at other software.
  2. Final update for the night: Culprit positively identified as Perforce 2011.1 Beta software, this creates a symlink from %temp%\p4_test_symlink out to %userprofile% Will be onto perforce support first thing in the morning ... sigh. Piriform, my request stands : please never recurse into a symlink, just delete it.
  3. f*** More information; Something had created a F''''ing symlink in my %temp% folder out to a folder in my appdata folder. I think I know what did it but won't name and shame till I'm sure. Anyway I think CCleaner recursively followed that symlink to a directory effectively jumping out of my %temp% directory and started cleaning other areas of my userprofile. Piriform whilst I appreciate you'd never expect a symlink in %temp% folder ... please for the love of god put in a check and make sure you do not ever ever recurse into symlink directories!!! Thank you.
  4. It's even worse than I thought, not just localappdata but seemingly half of my %userprofile% directory too -- that's why my desktop icons started to disappear. Sad times indeed,
  5. Still trying to figure out what happened but CCleaner seemingly just nuked my %localappdata% folder. I spotted icons disappearing from my desktop, then chrome disappeared so being tech savy I killed the CCleaner process which I spotted was sitting spinning away a good couple of minutes longer than usual. Sure enough the disk activity stopped but too late, much of my %localappdata% folder is now gone ... ironically I'm now running Recuva to try and recover some stuff. My faith is totally shattered, I really don't know what to say ... something has gone very very wrong. Rob
  6. Hi guys, The following issue is present in both v1 and the new v2 beta. There's something a bit odd about the way the command line utility emits it standard output. Specifically if an attempt is made to redirect the output, even trivially via DF C: > C:\log.txt then no output is written until the end when the process terminates. Quite why this might be I'm not sure as I would have expected the default stdout buffering to flush after every newline, but that isn't the behaviour I see. Anyway this is an annoyance as it prevents you from monitoring the progress of DF when running it in a scripted/automated environment. If you could fix this it'd be great (also an option to abandon the defrag after a set number of minutes would be cool). Cheers, Rob
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