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  1. writeaway, I'm totally in agreement with you about not wanting to screw up a sweet-running machine, so I'll take your advice and leave the extensions alone. I did, however, let CC clean all the other registry categories, but not before I verified that EACH AND EVERY ITEM LISTED (Type Libraries, Application Paths, etc.) did not, in fact, exist (yes, I followed every path). This gave me the confidence to let CC do the cleaning, and I've had no problems. Thanks.
  2. OK, but these extensions are still in the registry, whether or not they were handled correctly by their apps. What would happen if I allowed CC to clean these extensions?
  3. When I scan under Registry/Unused File Extensions in CC, it shows a long list of file extensions (supposedly unused). However, I recignize many of them as being extensions that I do use (.aawdef, .tmp, .psb, .e_e for example). I'm afraid that if I allow CC to "clean" (i.e., delete) these references, I will have problems with my system. Can you explain why these extensions show up in this list? Perhaps I just don't understand how this category is supposed to function in CC. Thanks.
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