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  1. I haven't encountered any problems since that issue was declared as fixed. But my 3TB drive is splitted in three partitions, 500GB, 1TB and 1.5TB, so that may be the reason it works for me but not for you.
  2. Here you are. I wanted to attach the dumpfile too, but it won't let me, so I figured I shouldn't archive it and upload afterwards. Recuva_log1_38_50414-11-2010_14-40.txt
  3. Okay, understood. Thanks. I just wanted to see some kind of response since I've already waited half a month and I can't touch the partition due to fearing to overwrite deleted files. I'll edit this post if I find something that helped me (I hope you wouldn't see this as advertisment for other products! I'd prefer not having to look for other recovery software)
  4. So, umm... any solution for this, or if there is none to date, will one be implemented in a near update?
  5. Hello, as you may guessed by reading the topic title, I'm getting this message when trying to scan a partition of my new hard drive. I select the drive, click on scan and this message appears on the bottom left, the little progress window doesn't even show up. It's a new Seagate GoFlex Desk 3TB external hard drive, I splitted it into 3 partitions and encrypted each of them with TrueCrypt. Recuva has no problems analyzing any other partitions or TrueCrypt volumes, it's only about the ones on this new hd. Oh, and I have absolutely no problems working with these partitions - I can use them just
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